What does a County Commissioner Do?

So what does a county commissioner do anyway?

A County Commissioner, in a way, acts as the executive and legislative elements of county government – they set the policy and manage county operations. They build and maintain our county roads, set property taxes, protect our environment, appoint members of regional boards, and set the county budget.

Each county in Texas has 4 commissioners and 1 county judge – together they are the Commissioners Court.

The nearly $1 Billion budget overseen by Travis County Commissioners Court covers:

The court also has exclusive authority to enter into Contracts with other governmental, nonprofit, and private entities. Many of these contracts mean that Travis County can meet its constitutional and statutory responsibilities more effectively while also saving money.

Additionally, the commissioners court appoints members of boards and commissions such as regional transportation bodies, emergency services districts, the tax appraisal district and many more. For a full list of appointments, click here.