Ball Parks

Western Travis county only has ONE county run ball field while the rest of the county has over 90 fields, facilities and structures operated by the county. This one field at Windmill Run is supposed to serve the entirety of Western Travis County and the tens of thousands of people who work and play here.

This is completely unacceptable.

With the county budget topping $1 Billion dollars it is shocking that we do not prioritize our children more. They shouldn’t be forced to drive hours to Eastern or central Travis County, further clogging our roads, to enjoy what other citizens of our county enjoy. They should also not be forced to run on fields that are damaged beyond repair due to nearly 1,000 of our children using them every day.

We need a commissioner who will prioritize our kids. I will work with stakeholders including cities and school districts throughout the county to ensure that Precinct Three has enough fields and county facilities so our children can enjoy the same services that children enjoy throughout the rest of Travis County.