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Transportation is a critical issue – not only to people in Precinct 3, but to the entire region. Gridlock on our roads harms our economy, our environment, and our quality of life.

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Taxpayers in Travis County pay one of the highest tax rates of residents in urban counties in Texas. Affordability means more than having low taxes – having essential services underfunded could lead to inefficiencies and injustices that also significantly reduce the affordability of living in Travis County.

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When we think of our natural resources, we sometimes think of preserves far out in rural areas, pools and waterways we occasionally visit, and wilderness trails we sometimes hike. Droughts and wildfires over recent years, however, remind us that our natural resources encompass the neighborhoods we live in and impact the vitality of our businesses, our health, and our safety.

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More Issues

Better public spaces for our children (read more)